Spanish Property Purchase Problems

Water Supply and Drainage Issues

When buying or renting a property in Spain, you need to consider your water supply, its safety and its quality.

In some areas, where excessive development has taken place, the affect on the local water supply and additional burden on sewage systems has, in many areas stretched capabilities behond capacity to provide adequate quality drinking water and sewage services. Due to the geographical nature of Spain, we have already seen water rationing in past summers. Droughts in water supply in Southern Spain has seen suppliers turning to new efficient seawater desalination technologies to meet its water needs.

Luckily the water supply is classed potable (drinkable) in many areas including most tourist areas and cities such as Madrid and Granada. In the Gandia area we use tap water for tea,coffee etc, but bottled water for cold drinks. The water is hard and we strain all water for drinking as there is an excess of calcium.

Lead Water Pipes

Many older properties still have lead pipes, it is advisable to have these replaced with new copper or plastic piping, also check if the pipes are corroded, replacement can be expensive but also a justification for a lower purchase offer.

Water Supply

Not all water sources are owned by the Local Authorities, nor are they all on tap by demand. In some areas water sources are privately owned and it depends on your contract with the owner as to how much water you can draw or how often your water system will be refilled. Some systems are not linked directly to the source and need filling by tanker. Also check on the state of your water Deposito/tank, how old it is (does it need replacing), how much it holds and cost of refilling.

Water Supply Pipes

Beware If you find pipes buried on your land, you must make sure what your legal responsibilities are before you consider removing or tapping into them. You can not rely on the property plans to show the course or presence of all such pipework.

One reader was required to reinstate an unmarked system of pipes on his land, at a cost of several thousand pounds.

If you have been considering moving to any area within the Valencia Region, don't give up. We live here and both the province and the people are delightful. I'd not live anywhere else. Just be very careful, your legal adviser should check all the legal points but many of the queries I outline are not legal points, they are common sense items you should query yourself.

Before considering a property, please read about the other property purchase problems which may affect the enjoyment of your new home. They may also have serious financial implications and I would urge you to seek appropriate professional advice and assurance before proceeding with a purchase.

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