Telecomms & ADSL in Spain


Warning If a landline telephone and/or Internet access is important to you or your business, see Property Pitfalls - Telephone Service Availability in Spain

ADSL Services

The following is advertorial but I think of interest to many of us, so treat it as you will...

Whether you are in business, retired, a student or just starting school you can’t avoid technology. Today’s high-tech invades every avenue of life from cradle to grave.
A prime part of this communication revolution is the ADSL telecommunications market.

ADSL stands for Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line

If you use the internet, search the web, send emails and need to use the phone simultaneously, yet find aggravation in the slowness of connection and transmission, then you are using old RSDI or ISDN technology.

ADSL is a low cost (small monthly fee) alternative to a leased line, giving the home or small business user a permanent connection to the Internet, plus simultaneous use of Email, Telephone and Fax.

  • ADSL is between 10 to 40 times faster than a modem.
  • It can be installed into Ethernet systems thus allowing access by more than one PC.
  • There is no dialing each time to connect.
  • There are no usage charges.

ADSL is available as a KIT which is claimed to be simple to install yourself.
But as you grow or need additional services, the System can grow with you.
If interested first make sure that the service is available in your location.(Within 3 miles (5Klm) of an ADSL activated telephone exchange. (see comments under Property Purchase Pitfalls)

ADSL is now becoming available in Spain at modest rates via Satellite from any telefonica subscribers having a standard Landline, regardless of distance from the local telephone exchange. This service is already available Madrid, Barcelona and Alicanti. Additional areas will become connectable throughout the year.

For more detail call Ron on 96 296 0920.

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