Practical Hints to Living in Spain - Advice on moving to Spain to live Bilingual SOS Form
Help yourself by printing out and completing this form.
Always keep a copy with you.
If ever you are ill or in an accident it will be of great benefit
both to you and the hospital
Practical Hints to Living in Spain - Advice on relocating to Spain
English Information about myself / Informaciones Sobre El Enfermo Espagñol






Residente o turista



Home Address

Domicilio habitual

Address in Spain
(if different)

Direccion en España



Date of Birth

Fecha de nacimiento

Name, address & telephone number of person to be contacted if admitted to hospital

Nombre, direccion y n de telefono de la persona a advertir en caso de ser in resado en el hospital

Spanish Social Security Number

Numero de Seguridad Social Española

NIE (Residencia) No

Numero de NIE/DNI

Passport Number

Numero de pasaporte

Medical insurance company, policy number & telephone number

Seguro medico, numero de poliza y numero de telefono

I have form E111/E121

Tengo E111/E121

Long term illnesses and year first suffered

Enfermedades cronicas y ano de comienzo

Operations and year performed

Operaciones y anos de las mismas

Present medication

Medicamento actual

Allergies to any drugs

Medicamentos no tolerados

Blood Group

Grupo sanguineo

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